My name is Giuliano.

Years ago, I had three beautiful kids with a woman I’ve been living with for thirteen years; then we got separated, and both of us followed different paths. I am an architect, I work in Italy during this age of crysis: this means struggling with expenses and taxes as monkeys on my back… sometimes I may feel a bit weary, but then Etty Hillseum comes to my mind: “life is hard, but not serious”.

Whatever are the conditions in your life I think that, when you have kids, pursuing little dreams is not just a pleasure, but also some kind of duty: the duty of showing them that the world is a beatiful place full of surprises ready to be disclosed, if you accept to take on responsabilities and even some risk.

This year I’m turning 40. I usually avoid to look back, as I rather need to watch my step: in spite of all I still tend to have my head in the clouds, but when you have three kids you can’t afford chasing clouds.

Or maybe yes.

So I’m taking my kids, and this time we’ll go chasing clouds together; or indeed, we will chase the sun. From Milan to Lapland and back again, throughout all Europe: me, my three kids and a van, stopping wherever we find a place we like. After all Rovaniemi is just the name of a place: the real meaning of this travel stays in the space between it, and the place that we call home.

I know it won’t be easy, I need to find almost everything starting from the money to pay the van, the fuel, the supplies… but I’m confident that I will find the way to put everything together. Why not? Maybe even with your help!

I promise I will repay you, my way: a watercolor portrait of some strange beast we bump into, a song strummed with a guitar out of tune during a rainy day, or maybe even some odd object picked up by the youngest daughter… and above all with this chronicle, because I feel the urge to record it.
We may succeed or not in gettin’up there: anyway, this is our story.

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